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New book release:

Playing the Violin: The Mystery Hidden on the Second Position

History, images, examples and suggestions to unveil it


By Olga Szurpik


This book has been written for every violin student, from young children to adults, provided they know how to place their hands on the first and/ or on the third positions. This method will be extremely useful for them to develop the motor skills they need to shift their hands confidently and accurately from any position to the second one.

Readers will find explanatory and analytical texts as well as graphs and diagrams of the violin neck and fingerboard, which can directly and truly respond to specific inquiries that may arise when attempting to learn or improve the above mentioned second position What’s more, this technique is so flexible that will enable readers, beginners and professionals alike, to adjust it to their instrumental practice and expand their field of use to all violin sizes and even another instrument such as the viola.


Only available in Spanish.