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New book release -only available in spanish-:

Piano Method
- Introduction to Music-

By Violeta Hemsy de Gainza


Making Music, living in the Music, understanding it through the practice on the keyboard, is the triple objective we propose in this daily work alongside children.

We teach them to recognize and manage the basic structures –rhythmical, melodic, harmonious, formal, stylistic- of the music most frequently heard in the ambience he lives in, being at the same time stimulated, since the beginning, to explore the keyboard and discover by himself new orders and structures.

Thus, departing from the close, the acquainted and the familiar things around the children, we progressively prepare the students to capture and value the music artwork of the Great Masters. This way, in the educative sequence, we give priority to the experience of music as a language before the musical art as an experience.

We will constantly consult the child’s taste of the sounds, to know which of the tones and styles prefers the most, which chords attract the more attention, always trying to enrich the taste and to combine the two complementary aspects of the music learning: the personal expression, through the free improvisation, and the systematized knowledge through the teaching of characteristic pieces. The simple formulas that helped the child to understand the music reality will soon be abandoned or replaced by others. The music creation will naturally arise as the product of a healthy metabolism from these clear music and instrumental structures.

This method is the direct result of the work we have been continuously doing for the last twenty years with children, from age seven and with professors who showed an interest in deepen the process of music initiation with the Piano. Through these pages will be found several melodies, texts and short music pieces made by students and professors alike, all in their original versions. We hope they serve as an example and stimulus to other children and professors, inspiring them to connect with the music through the play of the Piano.


Violeta Hemsy de Gainza

Code: B&C 10.035 A (Only Available in Spanish)

Original Publisher: BARRY EDITORIAL, Worldwide exclusive representatives.

Edition: spiral ringed

Number of pages: 256

ISBN: 9789505400256