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The study and musical creation

Understand theory from composition. An innovative pedagogical proposal for teachers and students

the new book by Ricardo Domingo Cantore

Original Title: El estudio y la creación musical - Only available in Spanish

The creative aspect is the motor nerve that enables the student to use the music contents in works of his own invention. To express ideas through the composition allows verifying the operation of the technical elements and their interaction in the context of the musical phrase. Added to this, the continuous relationship between theory and practice allows incorporating this functioning, which is consolidated when transferred to the instrument.

The action of understanding is antagonistic to that of memorizing because in the first case the thought intervenes in the process of understanding the deep meaning of something. From this perspective, the various contents of the book are addressed. The appearance of the tonalities is a clear example of what is exposed, as well as the melodic-chordal relations, the cadences, the parallel minor mode, the chord patterns, among others, that acquire significance through the analysis of the works of composers of different eras and styles, whether "classic or popular".

The study and the musical creation propose to follow this way in the acquisition of the necessary knowledge to form as a professional musician.