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Culminatory Act of the 2019 Konex Awards: Classical Music

On Tuesday, November 12, the 40th edition of the Konex Awards was held where the Konex of Platinum, Brilliant, Honor, Mercosur and Special Mentions were awarded to the best of Classical Music in Argentina.

The ceremony was a great party for the winners and for the large number of people who attended to accompany them. It has been the 40th installment of the Konex Awards and has been the fourth for the Classical Music Activity. The previous ones were held in 1989, 1999 and 2009.

During the delivery, Dr. Luis Ovsejevich, President of the Konex Foundation and the Mtro. Mario Perusso, President of the Grand Jury of the 2019 Konex Awards, spoke. Likewise, all the winners of the night did so.

The Konex de Brillante, the highest distinction awarded by the Konex Foundation, went to Oscar Araiz.

The Konex de Honor, an award given to a leading figure who died in the last decade, went to Gerardo Gandini.

The Platinum Konex were also delivered, a distinction granted to the best exponents of the 20 disciplines in which the Classical Music Activity was divided this year.

Two Special Mentions were also awarded. One to Bruno Gelber for Trajectory and another for Mario Benzecry for Creation and Commitment to the José de San Martín National Youth Symphony Orchestra.

In addition, the Konex Mercosur were awarded, a distinction granted to the best exponents of Classical Music in the region. The winners were José Antonio Abreu - In Memoriam- (Venezuela), Gustavo Dudamel (Venezuela), Juan Diego Flórez (Peru) and Nelson Freire (Brazil).

The selection of these outstanding figures has been in charge of the Grand Jury of the 2019 Konex Awards composed of 20 personalities and chaired by Mario Perusso. By accepting their work, all its members have excluded themselves from being awarded, a gesture that the Konex Foundation stands out and especially thanks.


1 / Composer: Esteban Benzecry

2 / Orchestra Director: Alejo Pérez

3 / Choir Director: Andrés Máspero / Mariano Moruja

4 / Orchestra: National Symphony Orchestra

5 / Choir: Stable Choir of the Teatro Colón

6 / Chamber Ensemble: Gianneo Quartet

7 / Female Singer: Verónica Cangemi

8 / Male Singer: Marcelo Álvarez

9 / Pianist: Nelson Goerner

10 / String Instrumentist: Sol Gabetta

11 / Wind Instrumentalist: Jorge de la Vega / Mariano Rey

12 / Various Instrumentists: Dolores Costoyas / Eduardo Isaac

13 / Choreographer: Oscar Araiz

14 / Dance Company: Contemporary Ballet of the San Martín Theater

15 / Dancer: Ludmila Pagliero

16 / Dancer: Herman Cornejo

17 / Régisseur: Marcelo Lombardero

18 / Musicologist: Leonardo Waisman

19 / Pedagogue: María del Carmen Aguilar

20 / Musical Entities: Mozarteum Argentino


President: Mario Perusso - Secretary General: Guillermo Scarabino

1- Néstor Enrique Andrenacci - 2009 and 1999 Konex Award: Choir Director.

2- Aldo Antognazzi - 1999 Konex Platinum Award: Pedagogue. Jury Awards 2009 Konex.

3- Emilio Basaldúa - Konex Prize 2001: Set Design. Jury Awards 2009 Konex.

4- Raúl Candal - Konex Award 1989: Dancer.

5- Oscar Carnero - Konex Award 2009: String Instrumentist.

6- Virginia Correa Dupuy - 1999 Konex Award: Female Singer.

7- Dora de Marinis - 2009 Konex Award: Pedagogue.

8- Marcelo Delgado - 2009 Konex Award: Composer.

9- Laura Falcoff - 2017 Konex Award: Cinema, Theater and Dance.

10- Ángel Frette - 1999 Konex Award: Various Instrumentists.

11- Luis Gaeta - 1999 Konex Award: Male Singer.

12- Santiago Giordano - Musical Critic. UNSAM / EMPA teacher.

13- Lucrecia Jancsa - Konex Prize 2009: Various Instrumentists.

14- Pablo Kohan - 2017 Konex Platinum Award: Classical Music. 2007 Konex Award: Classical Music. Jury Awards 2009 Konex.

15- Andrea Merenzon - 1999 Konex Award: Wood Instrumentist. Jury Awards 2009 Konex.

16- Karina Olmedo - 1999 Konex Award: Dancer.

17- Silvina Perillo - 1999 Konex Award: Dancer.

18- Mario Perusso - 1999 Konex Award: Orchestra Director.

19- Guillermo Scarabino - 1999 Konex Award: Orchestra Director.

20- Andrés Spiller - 1999 and 1989 Konex Award: Wooden Instrumentist.