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Joerg Widmann - CHORAL QUARTET
World Premiere

Version for flute, oboe, bassoon, celesta (ad lib.) and string orchestra
Orchestra:  Mahler Chamber Orchestra - Conductor:  Mitsuko Uchida
My 2nd string quartet is one single slow movement. The piece does not directly reflect Joseph Haydn's "Seven Last Words" but I would not have been able to write it without knowing that work. The movements in Haydn's quartets (except the final earthquake) are slow movements of shocking forcefulness. What makes the work even more unsettling for me is the relaxed and cheerful acceptance of death (the 'smile' of the A major pizzicato thirds!). When I made myself familiar with the subject matter of crucifixion I discovered that terms like 'walking' and 'the last walk' were most important to me. My piece starts at the final stage of this experience. It contains a number of lost sounds, phrases of futility which come from nowhere and lead to nowhere. The horrifying rubbing and sanding of skin and wood become the 'theme’ of the piece which is combined with tonal, choral-like melodies. I am interested in how to make noises no longer symbolize desolation and tonal phrases no longer represent confidence.
                                                                                                                             - Jörg Widmann


8. January 2020 Pamplona (Spain), Fundación Baluarte, Sala Principal — 20:00 | World Premiere
10. January 2020 Palmas de Gran Canaria (Canary Isles (Spain)), Auditorio Alfredo Kraus — Canary Islands Music Festival - 20:00
11. January 2020 Palmas de Gran Canaria (Canary Isles (Spain)), Auditorio de Tenerife — Canary Islands Music Festival - 20:00
13. January 2020 Lissabon (Portugal), Palau de la Música — 20:00 | national Premiere
15. January 2020 Valencia (Spain), Palau de la Música — 19:30
25. January 2020 Dortmund (Germany), Konzerthaus — 20:00 | national Premiere
27. January 2020 Salzburg (Austria), Stiftung Mozarteum — 20:00 | national Premiere
29. January 2020 Hamburg (Germany), Elbphilharmonie — 20:00
31. January 2020 London (United Kingdom), Southbank Centre — 19:30 | national Premiere
22. March 2020 Kansas City, KS (United States of America), Southbank Centre — 19:00 | national Premiere
24. March 2020 Chapel Hill, NC (United States of America), Memorial Hall — 19:30
26. March 2020 Princeton, NJ (United States of America), Richardson Auditorium — 20:00
28. March 2020 New York, NY (United States of America), Carnegie Hall — 20:00
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